A new begining starts here with ECRID.

Get approved for a home, car, credit card and much more...

New Credit Report!

Your New ECRID Credit Report validates your credit worthiness 

with ECRID Certified Lenders.

ECRID Bill Pay tracks your credit

Pay your bills through ECRID Bill Pay

and build your credit

Certified Lenders

ECRID Certified Lenders want to approve you for a home,

car, retail credit and much more....

Reports & Bill Payment Alerts

Ecrid Reports and Alerts reminds you to pay your bills on time to avoid penalties. 

Score Monitoring

Keep track of your ECRID Credit Score. 

Get to know more about ECRID

ECRID is the newest credit evaluation platform that will give you a second chance. Providing you with the opportunity to rebuild your credit or establish worthy credit history.

ECRID starts you with a positive credit profile (TODAY).

ECRID currently partners with over 2000 businesses that are willing to help you with your credit issues. Need to buy or rent a home or a car, ECRID is here for you!

Signing up is quick and easy.  You just need to enter some basic personal information like your name, address, and recent current bills to get started. This is all done on a secure, encrypted web page, so you do not have to worry about the security of your personal information. Once your enrollment is completed and you have set up your personal log in information, you will be able to visit the member area anytime. The member center will be your new tool of success where you will be able to access and see the most updated payment information, upcoming bills, reports and monthly expenses...

ECRID .....  Be sure to register right away.  

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With ECRID Credit Evaluation™ you will get:

Reports & Bill Payment Alerts

Never miss a payment again. Receive email alerts when a bill is coming due. Access your ECRID credit profile 24/7/365. Take control of your finances.

Online Bill Pay

ECRID Online Bill Pay establishes your checking account with an FDIC insured bank to insure payments are posted to your ECRID Credit Report.

Score Monitoring

Access your ECRID credit profile to view and monitor your ECRID credit score. Know your credit worthiness and improve your life.

Certified Lenders

ECRID Certified Lenders will look at your ECRID Credit Profile to make decisions on your credit worthiness to get you a home, car and much more.