Make Money !

ECRID has created a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to earn unlimited income. With COVID becoming a global epidemic, created opportunities for individuals to work from home. The commission structure at ECRID is what makes the Referrel Program so attractive to anyone who wants to make money! You can work The ECRID Referral Program part time and discover you're making more money part time than your full time job. 

Is their a cost to sign up for the ECRID Referral Program?

Their is no cost to sign up for the ECRID Referral Program, it's a free sign up. 

How do I sign up for the ECRID Referral Program? 

It's very simple. You go to the website at, click on Sign Up As A Member, fill out the Registration Form, click submit and you will receive a congratulations message that will instruct you to check your email. You check your email and click the Orange button below that says," Log In and Start Making Money." You will then be taken to a screen that says click here to verify your Account and then you will be directed to your ECRID Business Center. This is where all the action take place, right inside your    ECRID Business Center. This is where you will see your ECRID Referral ID No. This Referral ID No. is invisibly embedded into everyone one of your Pre designed ECRID Social Media/Email ADD Campaigns that we created for you to send out messages to Cyber Space and emails. 


How much do I make using the ECRID Referral Program?

You make a $75 Commission every time someone becomes an ECRID Credit Report Holder ($100) through viewing one of your ECRID Social Media/Email ADD Campaigns sent from your ECRID Business Center. You can also reach out to existing contacts who you have their email address and through your ECRID Business Center you can email them an ECRID Social Media/Email campaign ADD message to become an ECRID Credit Report Holder. From there they click the Add Creditor button and start adding each creditors information one profile at a time until a minimum of four creditors are created in order for them to generate their ECRID Credit Report. The moment they click the Pay Now button in the amount $100, an instant $75 credit shows up immediately in your ECRID Wallet that's a menu item inside your ECRID Business Center. After 15 days that $75 will show as Available Cash that you can transfer immediately into one of your receiving accounts ( Your Checking Account, Pay Pal Account or ECRID Visa Debit Card Account).

When can I have access to transfer my earned commission dollars from my ECRID Wallet to my Checking Account, Pay Pal Account or ECRID Visa Debit Card Account?

The ECRID pay cycle for commissions are every 15 days. You can transfer some or all of your available cash from your ECRID Wallet that's inside your ECRID Business Center either to your Pay Pal, checking or your ECRID Visa Debit Card.


Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding the ECRID's Referral Program you may contact us using the information below:


Last Edited on 08-21-2021