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Your ECRID Credit Report opens up new opportunities with lenders

Your ECRID Qscore looks at your Debt to Income and Rental Payments as Priority.

When you apply for a loan; Mortgage, Auto or Personal Loan at ECRID Lending Corp. your Qscore factors your Debt to Income and Rental payments to get you approved. The Qscore focuses less on your past Credit history and understands that your ability to pay your bills on time today warrants you a second chance to get approved for loans at fair interest rates.

ECRID has created an innovative credit evaluation platform giving the public a second chance to establish a new creditworthy history.

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ECRID is the Credit Platform that stimulates Wealth in the Global Market Universe which includes the Underserved and Underbanked.

ECRID Credit Bureau is the first and only Credit Bureau that gives you full access to pay your your monthly bills through the ECRID Bill Pay Portal and your payments in real time updates your ECRID Credit Score. You no longer have to rely or wait on the Big Three Credit Bureaus to send you an updated Credit Report from information sent to them from your creditors (BBC Credit Bureaus ). You have full control when paying your bills as an ECRID Credit Report Holder and it updates your ECRID Credit Score real time and cuts out the middleman which eliminates inaccuracy's, erroneous and even identity theft from ever occurring on your ECRID Credit Report. ,There can never be inaccurate or erroneous information on your ECRID Credit Report because only you have access when you login and pay your bills through the ECRID Bill Pay Portal. No one have access to create identity theft on your ECRID Credit Report unless you give access.

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