Company Profile


ECRID is a publicly traded company (ECDD). 

The new ECRID Credit Reporting Platform was created for you to get approved for a Home, Car or Personal loan. You have to add a minimum of four up to ten creditors and your ECRID Credit Report will be generated. You can then Apply for a loan right inside your ECRID Business Center. Once you've applied, you will pre-qualify and a ECRID Loan Specialist will collect any additional information that's needed before forwarding your loan information to lenders. Once lenders have reviewed your Pre-Qual, other information needed and your ECRID Credit Report, you will be contacted by email or phone call to discuss your loan.  ECRID Referral Program earns you $75 every time someone signs up by creating their ECRID Credit Report. Every 15 days you can transfer that $75 from your ECRID Wallet directly into one of your accounts (Checking Account, Pay Pal Account or ECRID Visa Debit Card ). ECRIDs goal is to provide you with excellent customer service and a platform that gets you results.